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5 main benefits you need to keep in mind if you are considering using natural wood or other types of wood, industrial plywood treated with Firegreen Nano solution for your home or in your next projects.

1. Reduce fire damage

Fireproof treated wood & Fireproof treated plywood in the event of a fire will have the ability to not catch fire, reduce the spread of flame, do not produce harmful black smoke thereby limiting the damage caused by fire, help to have more valuable time to evacuate people and property, deploy fire fighting. Compared to steel structures, fire retardant treated wood preserves structural integrity at higher temperatures.

2. Save on insurance costs

Buildings, projects, houses,... using fireproof treated wood and plywood can help save money on insurance for everyone. In fact, fire insurance often has a very high cost, so you can reduce costs if your house, construction, project...uses standard fireproof materials. With flame retardant materials, you minimize your liability and maximize your safety.

3. Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Firegreen Nano flame retardant solution with 100% natural, water-based ingredients has been proven to be safe & environmentally friendly. The material after treatment retains its characteristic color, "breathability" & "fragrance". Moreover, this solution usually does not interfere with the adhesion of paint finishes or surface coatings such as melamine, laminate.

4. Increase flexibility, reduce costs in design

Fireproof treated wood and Fireproof treated plywood offer great flexibility & cost savings in the design of construction projects. While retaining the original mechanical properties, plus fire resistance, the processed material eliminates the need to design and install additional fireproof means such as water hydrants… when they are applied. used in places with potential fire hazards such as roofs, corridors, partitions... Using this solution indirectly reduces the cost of the project.

5. Conforms to the current fire protection standards and regulations

Wood, MDF, Plywood & industrial plywood ...after being treated with Firegreen's fireproof Nano solution will fully meet the fireproof standards according to QCVN 06:2020/BXD, so it is eligible for application in the following industries. projects and projects nationwide.

Recently, the headquarters of the Supreme People's Court in Hanoi used FIREGREEN fireproof Nano solution to treat all sound-absorbing MDF boards for wall panels, in order to improve the fire protection capacity of the building.

As you can see, there are huge and sustainable benefits to using wood & industrial plywood…which have been treated for fire protection for any type of building.

So make the smart choice. Choose safety, choose reliability, choose our passive fire protection materials. Because when it comes to fire safety, there's no room for compromise.

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