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Fire and explosion incidents are increasing

Ever wondered why fire-retardant building materials are so crucial in our lives? Well, each year, the number of fire incidents in residential and industrial buildings is on the rise, causing enormous damage to life and property. 

The solution for the increasing fire and explosion situation

The solution to this alarming problem lies in the use of technology to prevent and combat fire effectively. The application of non-combustible, fire-resistant materials can significantly impede or slow the spread of fire and smoke from the source to other areas of a structure. By doing so, it can limit the destructive speed of a fire, prolonging evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Using fire-retardant building materials

Traditional building materials widely used today, such as wood,  wood panels, fabrics,  carpets, curtains, and foam mattresses, all need to be treated to meet the current fire resistance standards. In construction, wood and wood panels like MDF and Plywood, which are seen in virtually every building, are easily flammable and quick to spread fire. Fire resistance treatment for wood has been underway for decades, but today, Nano technology has made it easier, quicker, and more effective. 

Fire-retardant solution from MIVIKO

After being treated with the Nano fire-retardant solution from MIVIKO, the wood retains its shape, color, aesthetics, and characteristic aroma, but gains the added feature of being non-combustible and preventing fire spread. Moreover, it does not emit toxic smoke when exposed to fire, making it many times safer than regular wood. Fabrics, curtains, and carpets, after being treated, also have the ability to be non-flammable and prevent the spread of fire. Furthermore, the Nano solution used to treat fire-resistant materials is water-based and comes from nature, so it is completely safe, does not affect human health.

Benefits of using fire-retardant building materials

Thus, the use of treated wood and other fire-retardant building materials in interior design brings immense and practical value to families and society as a whole. For instance, in the event of electrical fires, if the wooden walls and ceilings surrounding the affected area are fire-resistant, they will not catch fire or spread it, denying the flames a chance to reach other areas and gradually extinguishing themselves, eliminating the risk of a full-blown fire. In summary, fire-retardant building materials play an indispensable role in our lives. With the help of technology, we can create safer living and working spaces, protect our loved ones, and keep our valuable assets intact.

Fire resistance is not a Luxury, it's a necessity

So make the smart choice. Choose safety, choose reliability, choose our passive fire protection materials. Because when it comes to fire safety, there's no room for compromise.

How to buy Fire retardant materials?

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