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Is it truly worth investing in fire retardant carpet? The threat of fire looms over our homes and offices, making it essential to take precautions that not only reduce the likelihood of a fire breaking out but also minimize the potential for injury and property damage in the event of a fire.

One preventative measure that can be taken is the installation of fire retardant carpet or the application of fire retardant treatment to existing carpet. However, the question remains: is it a worthwhile investment?

How many minutes we have to escape from fire

In a recent episode of the esteemed ABC science program Catalyst in Australia, scientists conducted a test fire at the renowned CSIRO major fire testing facility. They meticulously recreated a typical young child's bedroom, complete with furniture, fittings, and toys commonly found in such a space. With a small flame lit on a bedside table, they allowed the fire to progress naturally. Astonishingly, within a minute, a bookshelf, pillows, and even a bean bag were engulfed in flames, with the bean bag emitting dense, choking black smoke. In just two minutes, a light fitting melted, the carpet began to peel, and the entire room succumbed to the ferocity of the fire. This rapid escalation led to what is referred to as 'flashover,' wherein most of the combustible materials within an enclosed area ignite simultaneously.

A scientist involved in the experiment explained that the speed at which the fire spread was directly influenced by the composition of modern-day furniture and other household items. In comparison to fifty years ago when solid wood furniture with hessian fabric would have taken considerably longer to reach flashover, approximately 17-20 minutes, our contemporary furnishings, predominantly constructed using petrochemical-based materials, are equivalent to solid masses of six liters of petrol. Consequently, they ignite and burn with alarming swiftness when compared to their predecessors.

Hence, while prevention measures such as working smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and electrical cabling maintenance should remain the foremost priority, fire retardant treatments, particularly for curtains and wall hangings, can offer invaluable time during a fire emergency. This additional time is crucial for safe evacuation and to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

In larger settings like hotels and large apartment complexes with extensive carpet installations, opting for fire retardant treatment may prove economically sound. By doing so, one can potentially avoid the costly endeavor of replacing all the carpeting in the unfortunate event of a fire. However, before proceeding with fire retardant treatment for your carpets, it is essential to ascertain whether such treatment could void any existing warranties. Additionally, it is advisable to gain a clear understanding of the specific type of fire retardant chemical treatment that will be utilized.

Which manufacturer of Fire retardant carpet in Vietnam?

At MIVIKO, we specialize in providing fire retardant carpets and curtains. Our expertise extends to offering top-quality fire retardant carpet treatment services for projects and apartments. We utilize advanced and environmentally friendly Nano chemicals imported from Germany, ensuring utmost cleanliness and effectiveness.

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