H7: Superhydrophobic impregnation for building materials

Field : Superhydrophobic Impregnation

Brand : MIVIKO


Hydrosave (H7): Superhydrophobic impregnation


HYDROSAVE® is a ecological, safe to use, deep penetrating superhydrophobic impregnation product.This unique penetration characteristic is due to it’s nano--scale molecules which ensures effective impregnation of concrete and masonry surfaces through deep  penetration into the pore structure.

HYDROSAVE® is a colourless and solvent free impregnation product, which is formulated to provide in-depth protection mineral porous building materials against water, humidity, chlorides, corrosion and salt migration.

HYDROSAVE® is non film-forming therefore allowing the substrate to “breathe”. It is also very effective on micro-cracks up to 0.3 mm, and stops alkali-silica or alkali-aggregate reactions in concrete and building materials.

HYDROSAVE® keeps the treated materials have stable low moisture content all seasons and the best heat-insulated properties.


HYDROSAVE® is recommended for application to most of the cementitious, masonry  and mineral substrates above ground, not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Applications include treating the surfaces of:

  • AAC blocks, pore beton etc

  • Exposed brick structures

  • Bridge decks, abutments, piers, soffits, etc.

  • Facade, Beams, columns and walls of buildings

  • Natural stones, ceramics, roof tiles


  Highly penetrative - Ensures long-term effectiveness even on surfaces exposed to traffic (e.g: car parks).

  Invisible, Effective water repellency – Durability > 10 years

  Minimises surface efflorescence – Clean appearance of masonry surfaces

  Breathable - Allows excess water vapour to evaporate from the substrate

  Safe, non-flammable formulation.

  Non film-forming: does not affect the mineral appearance of surfaces.

  Protection against chemical or biological agents that are water soluble (particularly chlorides).

  Highly resistant to alkaline substances.

  Complies with EN 1504-2 system 2+


  • Ready to use product: Shake the container well before use.

  • The surface must be dry, clean and free of any trace of oil, grease, cleaning product, dust, efflorescence, paint or any other substance liable to prevent the correct penetration.

  • Can be applied either with a brush, roller or with a low-pressure sprayer.

  • Apply 1 to 2 coats until saturation, wet-on-wet coat.

  • Do not apply in rainy, frosty or extremely hot weather. Temperature between 5°C and 35°C are suitable.

  • During cold season, surface must be ice free so that it does not prevent penetration product into pores

  • Suitable for inside and outside application.


  • Consumption depends on the porosity of the concrete or other substrate. The values below are given only as an indication:

  • Approximately 170 ml/m² (150 g/m²) per coat.

  • In windy conditions or with very porous substrates reduce the application rate and apply in two coats of approximately 90 ml/m². per coat allowing only wet-on-wet coats.

  • Consumption may increase while treating tall structures, caused by loss due to wind


Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with clean water.


  • Store away from frost and heat in a dry, ventilate  place with temperature range: 5°C - 30°C.

  • Provided the container is keep closed whilst not in use. Storage life 12 months.


  • Canister 3-20 kg    

  • HDPE drum 220 kg    

  • IBC container 1000 kg



HYDROSAVE- Innovative Superhydrophobic impregnation for building materials, Water based


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